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Aperio has published a number of articles and exhaustive guides on an extensive variety of social sector topics, available here for download or purchase.


1. Social Sector Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Published in January 2007 by Aperio Written by John Baker, Warren Tranquada and John Pepin.

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2. Guide to Social Enterprise

The guide was originally produced for UJA-Federation of NY's Power Your Mission Conference. Aperio contributed a section entitled "Identifying Your Social Enterprise." Copies of the guide are available online through the UJA-Federation of NY website. 

3. Re-thinking Non Dues Revenue: Research Report & Strategies Guide

Published in partnership with the Canadian Society of Association Executives. This comprehensive report draws on survey research, phone interviews, and industry expertise to  examine the complex issue of non-dues revenue. Current practices descriptions of programs, and tools to help you identify and evaluate potential new revenue streams for your organization are included in the book.

4. Guide to Revenue Diversification for Directors of Non-Profit Organizations

Published in March 2003 by the Canadian Society of Association Executives Written by John Pepin

5. The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide 

Published by a consortium of funders and led by the VanCity Credit Union. Warren Tranquada contributed a chapter and general assistance.


Sample Articles:

1. "Growing Associations Through Non-Dues Revenue" Aperio published an article in the February/March 2013 issue of CSAE's Association Magazine on incorporating non-dues revenue into an association's program portfolio. 

2. "Turning Administrative Expenses Into Opportunities" An article published in the Social Enterprise Reporter Written by Warren Tranquada.

3. "Good Results Will Be Addictive: High Engagement Giving/Venture Philanthropy Giving Trends" Prepared by Warren Tranquada and John Pepin.

4. "The Income Diversification Journey" A column published in the Social Enterprise Reporter Written by Warren Tranquada.

5. "Sharing Without Merging: A Review of Collaborative Working and Sharing Back Office Support in the Voluntary and Community Sector" Prepared by JPA Group Ltd Limited.

6. "Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs Become Venture Philanthropists" (a revision of a previous work) Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. Written by John Pepin

7. "Responsibility, Trust and Accountability: (Integrating a Culture of Business)"Published in November 2003 by the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organizations (ACEVO) Written by John Pepin

8. "Emotional Capacity Aids in Organizational Effectiveness" Published in December 2002 by the Canadian Society of Association Executives Written by John Pepin

9. "Spinning Off: (Effective Transitions - Lessons to be applied when an organization creates a new non-profit or for-profit spinoff" Published in November 2002 by Charity Village Written by Warren Tranquada and John Pepin

10. "Being Responsible: Third Sector Governance; Transparency and the Obligation of Leadership From the European and North American Perspectives." Submitted to the International Social Innovation Research Conference, June 2009.

11. "Revenue generation through commercial ventures" Published by Charity Village Written by John Pepin